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.NET Test Automation Recipes by Dr. James McCaffrey

A Tester's Guide to .NET Programming by Mary Romero Sweeney, Randal Root

Access 2007: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald

ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook by Joey Lott, Darron Schall, Keith Peters

AJAX and PHP by Bogdan Brinzarea, Cristian Darie, Filip Chereches-Tosa, Mihai Bucica

Ajax For Dummies by Steve Holzner

AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD LT 2007 Bible by Ellen Finkelstein

AutoCAD 2007 For Dummies by David Byrnes, Mark Middlebrook

bash Quick Reference by Arnold Robbins

Beginning Ajax with ASP.NET by Wallace B. McClure, Scott Cate, Paul Glavich, Craig Shoemaker

Beginning Ajax with PHP by Lee Babin

Beginning Apache Struts by Arnold Doray

Beginning CSS Web Development by Simon Collison

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8 by W. Jason Gilmore , Robert H. Treat

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL E-Commerce by Cristian Darie, Mihai Bucica, Emilian Balanescu

Beginning POJOs by Brian Sam-Bodden

Beginning SharePoint with Excel by Gini Courter, Annette Marquis

Beginning Visual C++ 2005 by Ivor Horton

Best of Ruby Quiz by James Edward Gray II

Build Your Own Ajax Web Applications by Matthew Eernisse

C++ Pocket Reference by Kyle Loudon

C++/CLI by Gordon Hogenson

Creating your MySQL Database by Marc Delisle

Date on Database by C. J. Date

Enterprise Integration with Ruby by Maik Schmidt

Event-Based Programming by Ted Faison

Foundations of WF by Brian Myers

From Java To Ruby by Bruce Tate

GDI+ Application Custom Controls with Visual C# 2005 by Adam Ward, Dragos Brezoi, Iulian Serban, Tiberiu Radu

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design by Brett McLaughlin, Gary Pollice, David West

Illustrated C# 2005 by Daniel Solis

Implementing SugarCRM by Michael Whitehead

Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few

Interface Oriented Design by Ken Pugh

It's Never Done That Before! by John Ross

Java Phrasebook by Timothy R. Fisher

Learning MySQL by Seyed M.M. Tahaghoghi, Hugh E. Williams

Learning UML 2.0 by Russ Miles, Kim Hamilton

Linux Bible by Christopher Negus

Linux Kernel in a Nutshell by Greg Kroah-Hartman

MacBook For Dummies by Mark L. Chambers

Mastering Regular Expressions, 3rd Edition by Jeffrey E.F. Friedl

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administrators Companion, 2nd Edition by Charlie Russel, Charlie Russell, Sharon Crawford, Jason Gerend

MySQL Cookbook, 2nd Edition by Paul DuBois

MySQL Stored Procedure Programming by Guy Harrison, Steven Feuerstein

Network Security Hacks, 2nd Edition by Andrew Lockhart

Outlook 2007 For Dummies by Bill Dyszel

PHP Programming with PEAR by Carsten Lucke, Stoyan Stefanov

PowerPoint 2003 Just the Steps For Dummies by Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Practices of an Agile Developer by Venkat Subramaniam, Andy Hunt

Pro CSS Techniques by Dan Rubin, Ian Lloyd, Jeff Croft

Pro JavaScript Techniques by John Resig

Pro JSF and Ajax by Jonas Jacobi, John R. Fallows

Pro Wicket by Karthik Gurumurthy

Professional ASP.NET 2.0 XML by Thiru Thangarathinam

Python in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition by Alex Martelli

Rails Recipes by Chad Fowler

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing, 2nd Edition by Sen M. Kuo, Bob H. Lee, Wenshun Tian

Ruby Cookbook by Lucas Carlson, Leonard Richardson

System Building with APL + WIN by Ajay Askoolum

The Art of SQL by Stephane Faroult, Peter Robson

The Book of Visual Basic 2005 by Matthew MacDonald

The Definitive Guide to SQLite by Mike Owens

TrixBox Made Easy by Barrie Dempster, Kerry Garrison

Ubuntu Hacks by Jonathan Oxer, Kyle Rankin, Bill Childers

We the Media by Dan Gillmor

Web Design in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition by Jennifer Niederst Robbins

Windows Server 2003 Networking Recipes by Robbie Allen, Laura E. Hunter, Bradley J. Dinerman

Windows Vista For Dummies by Andy Rathbone

Word 2007: The Missing Manual by Chris Grover

Write Great Code, Volume 2 by Randall Hyde