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AuthorChris Wilson
PublisherO'Reilly Media
FormatPaper book / ebook (PDF)
EBook Hardcover Paperback

Create beautiful, interactive images on the Web with RaphaelJS, the JavaScript library that lets you draw Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) right in the browser. With this concise guide, you'll quickly learn how to paint the screen with shapes and colors that you can turn into lively, animated graphics and visualizations.

Author Chris Wilson (Time.com) shows you how to create Raphael objects and manipulate them with animation, transformations, and other techniques, using just a few lines of code. Packed with working examples, sample code, and cool hands-on projects, RaphaelJS is ideal for new and experienced JavaScript programmers alike.

Create images that work on browsers new and old, as well as mobile devices; Start with the basics - shapes, colors, transformations, sets, and text; Learn how to build custom curves and shapes with paths; Code animations that move through space, follow paths, or change direction; Make your artwork come alive through user interaction; Bind a dataset to a collection of visual objects - the basis of data visualization; Learn techniques to make your detailed visuals stand out on screens of any size.

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