Building Intelligent Systems

A Guide to Machine Learning Engineering

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Building Intelligent Systems
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AuthorGeoff Hulten
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Produce a fully functioning Intelligent System that leverages machine learning and data from user interactions to improve over time and achieve success.

This book teaches you how to build an Intelligent System from end to end and leverage machine learning in practice. You will understand how to apply your existing skills in software engineering, data science, machine learning, management, and program management to produce working systems.

Building Intelligent Systems is based on more than a decade of experience building Internet-scale Intelligent Systems that have hundreds of millions of user interactions per day in some of the largest and most important software systems in the world.

Understand the concept of an Intelligent System: What it is good for, when you need one, and how to set it up for success;
Design an intelligent user experience: Produce data to help make the Intelligent System better over time;
Implement an Intelligent System: Execute, manage, and measure Intelligent Systems in practice;
Create intelligence: Use different approaches, including machine learning;
Orchestrate an Intelligent System: Bring the parts together throughout its life cycle and achieve the impact you want.

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