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Data Parallel C++

FREE EBOOK - Data Parallel C++

by James Reinders, Ben Ashbaugh, James Brodman, Michael Kinsner, John Pennycook, Xinmin Tian

Learn how to accelerate C++ programs using data parallelism. This open book enables C++ programmers to be at the forefront of this exciting and important new development that is helping to push computing to new levels. It is full of practical advice, detailed explanations, and code examples to illustrate key topics.Data parallelism in C++ enables access to parallel resources in a modern heterogeneous system...

Price:  $42.25  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2021

Software Architecture with C++

Software Architecture with C++

by Adrian Ostrowski, Piotr Gaczkowski

Software architecture refers to the high-level design of complex applications. It is evolving just like the languages we use. Modern C++ allows developers to write high-performance apps in a high-level language without sacrificing readability and maintainability. If you're working with modern C++, this practical guide will help you put your knowledge to work and design distributed, large-scale apps. You'll ...

Price:  $38.84  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2021

Pro Cryptography and Cryptanalysis with C++20

Pro Cryptography and Cryptanalysis with C++20

by Marius Iulian Mihailescu, Stefania Loredana Nita

Develop strong skills and a passion for writing cryptography algorithms and security schemes/modules using C++ 20 and its new features. You will find the right methods of writing advanced cryptographic algorithms (such as, elliptic curve cryptography algorithms, lattice-based cryptography, searchable encryption, and homomorphic encryption), examine internal cryptographic mechanisms, and discover common ways...

Price:  $38.12  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2021

Practical C++20 Financial Programming, 2nd Edition

Practical C++20 Financial Programming, 2nd Edition

by Carlos Oliveira

Apply C++ to programming problems in the financial industry using this hands-on book, updated for C++20. It explains those aspects of the language that are more frequently used in writing financial software, including the Standard Template Library (STL), templates, and various numerical libraries. Practical C++20 Financial Programming also describes many of the important problems in financial engineering th...

Price:  $37.24  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2021

C# 9.0 Pocket Reference

C# 9.0 Pocket Reference

by Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari

Looking for quick answers for using C# 9.0? This tightly focused and practical guide tells you exactly what you need to know without long intros or bloated samples. Succinct and easy to browse, this pocket reference is an ideal quick source of information. If you know Java, C++, or an earlier C# version, this guide will help you get rapidly up to speed.All programs and code snippets are available as interac...

Price:  $19.99  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2021

Quantum Computing with Silq Programming

Quantum Computing with Silq Programming

by Srinjoy Ganguly, Thomas Cambier

Quantum computing is a growing field, with many research projects focusing on programming quantum computers in the most efficient way possible. One of the biggest challenges faced with existing languages is that they work on low-level circuit model details and are not able to represent quantum programs accurately. Developed by researchers at ETH Zurich after analyzing languages including Q# and Qiskit, Silq...

Price:  $39.99  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2021

Expert Python Programming, 4th Edition

Expert Python Programming, 4th Edition

by Michal Jaworski, Tarek Ziade

This new edition of Expert Python Programming provides you with a thorough understanding of the process of building and maintaining Python apps. Complete with best practices, useful tools, and standards implemented by professional Python developers, this fourth edition has been extensively updated. Become familiar with the latest Python improvements, syntax elements, and interesting tools to boost your deve...

Price:  $32.00  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2021

Optimizing software in C++

FREE EBOOK - Optimizing software in C++

by Agner Fog

This is an optimization manual for advanced C++ programmers. This book are not for beginners.Topics include:- The choice of platform and operating system.- Choice of compiler and framework.- Finding performance bottlenecks.- The efficiency of different C++ constructs.- Multi-core systems.- Parallelization with vector operations.- CPU dispatching. Efficient container class templates....

Publisher:  Self-publishing  |  Release:  2020

C++20 Recipes

C++20 Recipes

by J. Burton Browning, Bruce Sutherland

Discover the newest major features of C++20, including modules, concepts, spaceship operators, and smart pointers. This book is a handy code cookbook reference guide that covers the C++ core language standard as well as some of the code templates available in standard template library (STL).In C++20 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, you'll find numbers, strings, dates, times, classes, exceptions, stream...

Price:  $41.86  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

Modern Data Mining Algorithms in C++ and CUDA C

Modern Data Mining Algorithms in C++ and CUDA C

by Timothy Masters

Discover a variety of data-mining algorithms that are useful for selecting small sets of important features from among unwieldy masses of candidates, or extracting useful features from measured variables.As a serious data miner you will often be faced with thousands of candidate features for your prediction or classification application, with most of the features being of little or no value. You'll know tha...

Price:  $32.58  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

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