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Modern Mainframe Development

FREE EBOOK - Modern Mainframe Development

by Tom Taulli

Even as spending on digital transformation continues to skyrocket, mainframes nevertheless have major advantages for global enterprises. These systems still process huge amounts of information and allow for highly secure transactions. In this practical book, author Tom Taulli shows software developers how to pursue a hybrid approach by integrating traditional mainframes and applications with modern digital ...

Price:  $50.89  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Beginning jOOQ

Beginning jOOQ

by Tayo Koleoso

Learn to use the jOOQ library to manage SQL database operations in Java and JVM applications. This book walks you through what JOOQ is, how to install and get started with it, and then gets you working with it.Practical examples and case studies demonstrate how jOOQ offers a more efficient and versatile alternative to Object-Relational Mapping frameworks like Hibernate and JPA, while providing a natural, na...

Price:  $39.69  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2022

Expert Oracle Database Architecture, 4th Edition

Expert Oracle Database Architecture, 4th Edition

by Darl Kuhn, Thomas Kyte

Now in its fourth edition and covering Oracle Database 21c, this best-selling book continues to bring you some of the best thinking on how to apply Oracle Database to produce scalable applications that perform well and deliver correct results. Tom Kyte and Darl Kuhn share a simple philosophy: "you can treat Oracle as a black box and just stick data into it, or you can understand how it works and exploi...

Price:  $53.56  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2022

Database Design Succinctly

FREE EBOOK - Database Design Succinctly

by Joseph D. Booth

The way a user might perceive and use data and the optimal way a computer system might store it are often very different. In this Database Design Succinctly, learn how to model the user's information into data in a computer database system in such a way as to allow the system to produce useful results for the end user. Joseph D. Booth will cover how to design a database system to allow businesses to ge...

Publisher:  Syncfusion  |  Release:  2022

PostgreSQL 14 Administration Cookbook

PostgreSQL 14 Administration Cookbook

by Simon Riggs, Gianni Ciolli

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source database management system with an enviable reputation for high performance and stability. With many new features in its arsenal, PostgreSQL 14 allows you to scale up your PostgreSQL infrastructure. With this book, you'll take a step-by-step, recipe-based approach to effective PostgreSQL administration.This book will get you up and running with all the latest featu...

Price:  $49.99  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2022

Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros

Microsoft Excel VBA and Macros

by Bill Jelen, Tracy Syrstad

Use this guide to automate virtually any routine Excel task: save yourself hours, days, maybe even weeks. Make Excel do things you thought were impossible, discover macro techniques you wont find anywhere else, and create automated reports that are amazingly powerful. Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad help you instantly visualize information to make it actionable; capture data from anywhere, and use it anywhere;...

Price:  $43.95  |  Publisher:  Microsoft Press  |  Release:  2022

SQL Server Advanced Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

SQL Server Advanced Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

by Dmitri Korotkevitch

This practical book provides a comprehensive overview of troubleshooting and performance tuning best practices for Microsoft SQL Server. Database engineers, including database developers and administrators, will learn how to identify performance issues, troubleshoot the system in a holistic fashion, and properly prioritize tuning efforts to attain the best system performance possible.Author Dmitri Korotkevi...

Price:  $56.95  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Efficient Linux at the Command Line

Efficient Linux at the Command Line

by Daniel J. Barrett

Take your Linux skills to the next level! Whether you're a system administrator, software developer, site reliability engineer, or enthusiastic hobbyist, this practical, hands-on book will help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. You'll learn how to create and run complex commands that solve real business problems, process and retrieve information, and automate manual tasks.You'll...

Price:  $37.10  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022



by Jon Duckett

Learn PHP, the programming language used to build sites like Facebook, Wikipedia and WordPress, then discover how these sites store information in a database (MySQL) and use the database to create the web pages.This full-color book is packed with inspiring code examples, infographics and photography that not only teach you the PHP language and how to work with databases, but also show you how to build new a...

Price:  $26.99  |  Publisher:  Wiley  |  Release:  2022

Practical Go

Practical Go

by Amit Saha

Google announced the Go programming language to the public in 2009, with the version 1.0 release announced in 2012. Since its announcement to the community, and the compatibility promise of the 1.0 release, the Go language has been used to write scalable and high-impact software programs ranging from command-line applications and critical infrastructure tools to large-scale distributed systems. It's sp...

Price:  $26.49  |  Publisher:  Wiley  |  Release:  2022

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