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Natural Language Processing with Transformers

Natural Language Processing with Transformers

by Lewis Tunstall, Leandro von Werra, Thomas Wolf

Since their introduction in 2017, transformers have quickly become the dominant architecture for achieving state-of-the-art results on a variety of natural language processing tasks. If you're a data scientist or coder, this practical book shows you how to train and scale these large models using Hugging Face Transformers, a Python-based deep learning library.Transformers have been used to write realis...

Price:  $39.49  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Modern Mainframe Development

FREE EBOOK - Modern Mainframe Development

by Tom Taulli

Even as spending on digital transformation continues to skyrocket, mainframes nevertheless have major advantages for global enterprises. These systems still process huge amounts of information and allow for highly secure transactions. In this practical book, author Tom Taulli shows software developers how to pursue a hybrid approach by integrating traditional mainframes and applications with modern digital ...

Price:  $50.89  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Command-Line Rust

Command-Line Rust

by Ken Youens-Clark

For several consecutive years, Rust has been voted "most loved programming language" in Stack Overflow's annual developer survey. This open source systems programming language is now used for everything from game engines and operating systems to browser components and virtual reality simulation engines. But Rust is also an incredibly complex language with a notoriously difficult learning curv...

Price:  $37.90  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Efficient Linux at the Command Line

Efficient Linux at the Command Line

by Daniel J. Barrett

Take your Linux skills to the next level! Whether you're a system administrator, software developer, site reliability engineer, or enthusiastic hobbyist, this practical, hands-on book will help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. You'll learn how to create and run complex commands that solve real business problems, process and retrieve information, and automate manual tasks.You'll...

Price:  $37.10  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes

FREE EBOOK - Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes

by Justin Domingus, John Arundel

Kubernetes has become the operating system of today's cloud native world, providing a reliable and scalable platform for running containerized workloads. In this friendly, pragmatic book, cloud experts Justin Domingus and John Arundel show you what Kubernetes can do-and what you can do with it.This updated second edition guides you through the growing Kubernetes ecosystem and provides practical solutio...

Price:  $49.42  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform, 2nd Edition

Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform, 2nd Edition

by Valliappa Lakshmanan

Learn how easy it is to apply sophisticated statistical and machine learning methods to real-world problems when you build using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This hands-on guide shows data engineers and data scientists how to implement an end-to-end data pipeline with cloud native tools on GCP.Throughout this updated second edition, you'll work through a sample business decision by employing a variety ...

Price:  $67.34  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

C# 10 in a Nutshell

C# 10 in a Nutshell

by Joseph Albahari

When you have questions about C# 10 or .NET 6, this best-selling guide has the answers you need. C# is a language of unusual flexibility and breadth, and with its continual growth, there's always so much more to learn. In the tradition of O'Reilly's Nutshell guides, this thoroughly updated edition is simply the best one-volume reference to the C# language available today.Organized around conc...

Price:  $55.75  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

C# 10 Pocket Reference

C# 10 Pocket Reference

by Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari

Looking for quick answers for using C# 10? This tightly focused and practical guide tells you exactly what you need to know without long intros or bloated samples. Succinct and easy to browse, this pocket reference is an ideal quick source of information. If you know Java, C++, or an earlier C# version, this guide will help you get rapidly up to speed.All programs and code snippets are available as interact...

Price:  $20.12  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2022

Beginning React and Firebase

Beginning React and Firebase

by Nabendu Biswas

Use React with Firebase to build four beginner-friendly apps. A lot of React tutorials out there today only cover basic web apps, but with additional features the web apps included in this book can be converted into fully scaled startups.You will start with the basics: learn to deploy a React app with Firebase hosting. Next, you will learn to create a fully functional "ToDo" app that will use Fire...

Price:  $48.07  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2022

Building Offline Applications with Angular

Building Offline Applications with Angular

by Venkata Keerti Kotaru

Get a complete overview of offline installable applications. Businesses need reliable applications that enable users to access data and their applications in spite of a bad network connection. Traditional websites work only when connected to the network. With a large number of users depending on mobile phones and tablets for work, social interactions, and media consumption, it's important that the web ...

Price:  $40.74  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2022

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