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HackSpace Magazine: Issue 50

FREE EBOOK - HackSpace Magazine: Issue 50

by HackSpace Team

Machine learning used to be the preserve of university research departments with money to burn on high-power, high-cost kit - but not any more! Thanks to a new breed of affordable dev boards, anyone can get in on the act at pocket money prices. We've trawled the makersphere for the best, most creative machine learning projects to show just what can be done. The future of machine learning is awesome - and it...

Publisher:  Raspberry Pi Press  |  Release:  2022

Get Started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico

FREE EBOOK - Get Started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico

by Gareth Halfacree, Ben Everard

Raspberry Pi Pico is a new low-cost, high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces. Microcontrollers are computers stripped back to their bare essentials. You don't use monitors or keyboards, but program them to take their input from, and send their output to the input/output pins. Using these programmable connections, you can light lights, make noises, send text to screens, and mu...

Price:  $17.46  |  Publisher:  Raspberry Pi Press  |  Release:  2021

The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2021

FREE EBOOK - The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2021

by David Crookes, PJ Evans, Gareth Halfacree, Rosie Hattersley, Nicola King, Simon Monk, Mark Vanstone

To help you get the most of out of your Raspberry Pi computer, this official Handbook features 200 pages of essential information, inspiring projects, practical tutorials, and definitive reviews.Learn how to set up your Raspberry Pi and start using it; Discover the new Raspberry Pi 400 and High Quality Camera; Be inspired by incredible projects made by other people; Learn how to code and make with our step-...

Price:  $14.75  |  Publisher:  Raspberry Pi Press  |  Release:  2021

HackSpace Magazine: Issue 45

FREE EBOOK - HackSpace Magazine: Issue 45

by HackSpace Team

This issue we're paying homage to some of our favourite projects built on the Raspberry Pi. We're living in a golden age for experimentation, accessible making and digital discovery - and a large part of that is thanks to this teeny tiny computer. Just add imagination!- How one maker achieved perfection (yes, really!) by embracing failure;- Our pick of the best walking robot kits;- A deceptively simple hack...

Publisher:  Raspberry Pi Press  |  Release:  2021

Windows 10 for the Internet of Things, 2nd Edition

Windows 10 for the Internet of Things, 2nd Edition

by Charles Bell

Manage and control Internet-connected devices from Windows and Raspberry Pi. Master the Windows 10 IoT Core application programming interface and feature set to develop Internet of Things applications on the Raspberry Pi using your Windows and .NET programming skills. New in this edition is coverage of enterprise-level tools and features in the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise server operating system, allowing you...

Price:  $44.74  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2021

HackSpace Magazine: Issue 47

FREE EBOOK - HackSpace Magazine: Issue 47

by HackSpace Team

If your 3D printer is looking a little dusty and unloved, now's the time to put it to work: we've 50 of the best 3D prints to improve your home, office, workshop and more. From functional to frivolous, we've got ideas for you. It's time to unleash the awesome power of your printer!- Oskitone: where 3D printing meets analogue synth goodness;- Pure Data: make music with this awesome graphical programming lang...

Publisher:  Raspberry Pi Press  |  Release:  2021

Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition

by Carla Schroder

This handy cookbook teaches new-to-intermediate Linux users the essential skills necessary to manage a Linux system, using both graphical and command-line tools. Whether you run Linux in embedded, desktop, server, or cloud or virtual environments, the fundamental skills are the same. This book aims to get you up and running quickly, with copy-paste examples.Carla Schroder provides recipes that cover specifi...

Price:  $48.49  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2021

Explore Software Defined Radio

Explore Software Defined Radio

by Wolfram Donat

Do you want to be able to receive satellite images using nothing but your computer, an old TV antenna, and a $20 USB stick? Now you can. At last, the technology exists to turn your computer into a super radio receiver, capable of tuning in to FM, shortwave, amateur "ham," and even satellite frequencies, around the world and above it. Listen to police, fire, and aircraft signals, both in the clear ...

Price:  $19.95  |  Publisher:  The Pragmatic Programmers  |  Release:  2021

Commercial and Industrial Internet of Things Applications with the Raspberry Pi

Commercial and Industrial Internet of Things Applications with the Raspberry Pi

by Ioana Culic, Alexandru Radovici, Cristian Rusu

Use the Raspberry Pi and modern computing techniques to build industrial Internet of Things systems. Principles and theoretical aspects of IoT technologies combine with hands-on projects leading to detailed descriptions of several industrial IoT applications. This book presents real-life IoT applications based on the Raspberry Pi, beyond the relatively simplistic demos built for educational purposes or hobb...

Price:  $29.77  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

IoT Machine Learning Applications in Telecom, Energy, and Agriculture

IoT Machine Learning Applications in Telecom, Energy, and Agriculture

by Puneet Mathur

Apply machine learning using the Internet of Things (IoT) in the agriculture, telecom, and energy domains with case studies. This book begins by covering how to set up the software and hardware components including the various sensors to implement the case studies in Python. The case study section starts with an examination of call drop with IoT in the telecoms industry, followed by a case study on energy a...

Price:  $34.99  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

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