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Nuxt.js Succinctly

FREE EBOOK - Nuxt.js Succinctly

by Ed Freitas

Nuxt.js is an open-source JavaScript library based on Vue.js. Think of it as a framework for a framework - adding two significant features to Vue.js: server-side rendering; and easy Vue.js application configuration and routing through folders and files. In Nuxt.js Succinctly, long-time Succinctly author Ed Freitas will show readers how Nuxt.js simplifies Vue development and optimizes their apps for producti...

Publisher:  Syncfusion  |  Release:  2022

JavaScript from Frontend to Backend

JavaScript from Frontend to Backend

by Eric Sarrion

JavaScript, the most widely used programming language in the world, has numerous libraries and modules and a dizzying array of need-to-know topics. Picking a starting point can be difficult. Enter JavaScript from Frontend to Backend. This concise, practical guide will get you up to speed in next to no time.This book begins with the basics of variables and objects in JavaScript and then moves quickly on to b...

Price:  $34.99  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2022

Vue.js 3 By Example

Vue.js 3 By Example

by John Au-Yeung

With its huge ecosystem and wide adoption, Vue is one of the leading frameworks thanks to its ease of use when developing applications. This book will help you understand how you can leverage Vue effectively to develop impressive apps quickly using its latest version - Vue 3.0.The book takes an example-based approach to help you get to grips with the basics of Vue 3 and create a simple application by explor...

Price:  $33.93  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2021

Building Progressive Web Applications with Vue.js

Building Progressive Web Applications with Vue.js

by Carlos Rojas

Obtain all the necessary tools for developing a progressive web application (PWA) with Vue.js, a modern JavaScript framework. You'll see how PWAs behave like a regular responsive website and have a similar structure to that of a web application, but feel like a native mobile app. Along the way you'll take advantage of Vue.js features to build fast, high-performing progressive web apps that work of...

Price:  $19.36  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

Vue.js Succinctly

FREE EBOOK - Vue.js Succinctly

by Ed Freitas

Explore the fundamentals of Vue.js, a top open-source JavaScript framework, and harness its powerful features to build UIs and single-page applications. Succinctly series writer Ed Freitas employs the same principals he used in Flutter Succinctly to teach readers how to build a web app with Vue.js....

Publisher:  Syncfusion  |  Release:  2020

Learning Vue.js

FREE EBOOK - Learning Vue.js

by Stack Overflow Community

Vue.js is an open-source MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) front end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.It is an unofficial and free Vue.js ebook created for educational purposes. All the content is extracted from Stack Overflow Documentation, which is written by many hardworking individuals at Stack Overflow....

Publisher:  Self-publishing  |  Release:  2019

Complete Vue.js 2 Web Development

Complete Vue.js 2 Web Development

by Mike Street, Andrea Passaglia, Paul Halliday

This Learning Path is divided into three sections, with each section bringing you closer to developing high-end modern web applications with Vue.js 2. It starts with building example applications to get well versed with the Vue.js ecosystem. You will learn to use Vue.js by creating three single page applications that explore Vuex and vue-router, the standard Vue tools for caching data and routing URLs for y...

Price:  $49.99  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2018

The Vue.js Handbook

FREE EBOOK - The Vue.js Handbook

by Flavio Copes

Vue.js is a very impressive project. It's a very popular JavaScript framework, one that's experiencing a huge growth. It is simple, tiny and very performant.The Vue.js Handbook follows the 80/20 rule: learn in 20% of the time the 80% of a topic. The author find this approach gives a well-rounded overview....

Publisher:  Self-publishing  |  Release:  2018

Getting to Know Vue.js

Getting to Know Vue.js

by Brett Nelson

Learn how to render lists of items without repeating your code structure and how to work with conditional rendering items and event handling. Containing all you need to know to get started with Vue.js, this book will take you through using build tools (transpile to ES5), creating custom components, state management, and routers. With Getting to Know Vue.js, you'll see how to combine reusable code with ...

Price:  $24.99  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2018

Pro Vue.js 2

Pro Vue.js 2

by Adam Freeman

Explore Vue.js to take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers and devices using the fastest-growing framework for building dynamic JavaScript applications. You will work with the power of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern on the client, creating a strong foundation for complex and rich web apps.Best-selling author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from Vue.js 2. He begins by describi...

Price:  $35.87  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2018

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