Service-Oriented Modeling

Service Analysis, Design, and Architecture

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AuthorMichael Bell
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Answers to your most pressing SOA development questions:

How do we start with service modeling? How do we analyze services for better reusability? Who should be involved? How do we create the best architecture model for our organization? This must-read for all enterprise leaders gives you all the answers and tools needed to develop a sound service-oriented architecture in your organization.

"Michael Bell has done it again with a book that will be remembered as a key facilitator of the global shift to Service-Oriented Architecture... With this book, Michael Bell provides that foundation and more-an essential bible for the next generation of enterprise IT."
-Eric Pulier, Executive Chairman, SOA Software

"Michael Bell's insightful book provides common language and techniques for business and technology organizations to take advantage of the SOA paradigm. By focusing modeling techniques on the business problem, Bell provides a way for professionals to work throughout the life cycle to create reusable and enduring services."
-Mike Zbranak, CIO, Chase Card Services

"This book will become an imperative business and technology service-oriented modeling recipe for any manager, architect, modeler, analyst, and developer in today's software development industry."
-Jeff Schneider, CEO, MomentumSI

"'Innovative' and 'groundbreaking' are words that best describe Michael Bell's Service-Oriented Modeling. It depicts a true service modeling approach that elegantly closes a clear and critical service modeling gap in the SOA industry. This holistic book ties these concepts together using real-world examples across a service life cycle that transitions services from ideas and concepts into production assets that deliver business value. A must-read for business and technical SOA practitioners."
-Eric A. Marks, CEO, AgilePath Corporation

"As hot as SOA is today, many business and technology professionals still find it challenging to mind the gap between their disparate methodologies and objectives. Herein Michael Bell speaks clearly to both camps in straightforward language, outlining disciplines each can use to communicate effectively and advance the realization of corporate aims. This book is a bible for all who seek to drive business/technology into the future."
-Mark Edward Goodrich, Director, Investing Product Management, Reuters Media

"This book takes senior IT architects and systems designers into the depths of modeling for SOA, with a fresh new perspective on tools, terminology, and how to turn the theory into practice. His full life-cycle approach balances process, control, and accountability to align all the participants in the delivery pipeline-clearing the road for successful SOA business solutions."
-Phil Gilligan, Chief Technology Officer, EBS

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