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Achieving Business Agility by John Orvos

Beginning iOS AR Game Development by Allan Fowler

Beginning SharePoint Communication Sites by Charles David Waghmare

Building Telegram Bots by Nicolas Modrzyk

Developing 2D Games with Unity by Jared Halpern

Expert Twisted by Mark Williams, Cory Benfield, Brian Warner, Moshe Zadka, Dustin Mitchell, Kevin Samuel, Pierre Tardy

From Single to Scale by Michael Killen

Java Design Patterns, 2nd Edition by Vaskaran Sarcar

Lean Entrepreneurship by George Watt, Howard Abrams

Learn Keras for Deep Neural Networks by Jojo John Moolayil

Let's Build a Multiplayer Phaser Game by Oscar Lodriguez

Math Adventures with Python by Peter Farrell

Migrating to MariaDB by William Wood

PMP in Depth by Paul Sanghera

Practical Tinker Board by Elizabeth Clark

Python Flash Cards by Eric Matthes

Reactive Streams in Java by Adam L. Davis

Remaining Relevant in Your Tech Career by Robert Stackowiak

Thriving in the Gig Economy by Adam Sinicki

UX for Developers by Westley Knight

Visual Studio Code Distilled by Alessandro Del Sole