Minecraft Modding with Forge

A Family-Friendly Guide to Building Fun Mods in Java

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Minecraft Modding with Forge
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AuthorsArun Gupta, Aditya Gupta
PublisherO'Reilly Media
FormatPaper book / ebook (PDF)
EBook Hardcover Paperback

Playing Minecraft is a lot of fun, but the game is more engaging, entertaining, and educational when kids learn how to build mods - small programs that let them modify game elements and add content. This family-friendly guide teaches kids and parents how to create mods of different types, using the Minecraft Forge modding tool. No programming experience is needed.

You'll not only build some amazing mods with the book's easy-to-follow instructions, but you'll also learn how to work with Java, the same programming language that Minecraft uses. Why wait? Get started with computer programming and be more creative with Minecraft while you're at it!

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