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Software Development with Go

Software Development with Go

by Nanik Tolaram

Gain insights into the different challenges that can be solved using Go, with a focus on containers, Linux, security, networking, user interfaces and other relevant cloud based topics. This book reviews the necessary tools to create container-based cloud solutions with Go, a programming language that was born out of the need to address scalable, high availability cloud computing architecture needs inside Go...

Price:  $26.49  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2023

Simple and Efficient Programming with C#, 2nd Edition

Simple and Efficient Programming with C#, 2nd Edition

by Vaskaran Sarcar

Apply skills and approaches to your programming to build a real-world application in C# 11 using the latest editions of Visual Studio, C#, and Microsoft .NET.This revised edition is updated with C#11 and places more emphasis on the newly introduced top-level statements. Additionally, you will find useful techniques and an explanation of the differences between writing code in two different styles. It also c...

Price:  $38.35  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2023

Advanced Data Analytics Using Python, 2nd Edition

Advanced Data Analytics Using Python, 2nd Edition

by Sayan Mukhopadhyay, Pratip Samanta

Understand advanced data analytics concepts such as time series and principal component analysis with ETL, supervised learning, and PySpark using Python. This book covers architectural patterns in data analytics, text and image classification, optimization techniques, natural language processing, and computer vision in the cloud environment.Generic design patterns in Python programming is clearly explained,...

Price:  $33.88  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2023

Numerical Methods Using Kotlin

Numerical Methods Using Kotlin

by Haksun Li, PhD

This in-depth guide covers a wide range of topics, including chapters on linear algebra, root finding, curve fitting, differentiation and integration, solving differential equations, random numbers and simulation, a whole suite of unconstrained and constrained optimization algorithms, statistics, regression and time series analysis. The mathematical concepts behind the algorithms are clearly explained, with...

Price:  $47.99  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2023

Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

FREE EBOOK - Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

by Kees Vuik, Fred Vermolen, Martin van Gijzen

In this book we discuss several numerical methods for solving ordinary differential equations. We emphasize the aspects that play an important role in practical problems. We con?ne ourselves to ordinary differential equations with the exception of the last chapter in which we discuss the heat equation, a parabolic partial differential equation. The techniques discussed in the intro-ductory chapters, for ins...

Publisher:  Self-publishing  |  Release:  2023

Network Programming with Go Language, 2nd Edition

Network Programming with Go Language, 2nd Edition

by Jan Newmarch, Ronald Petty

Dive into key topics in network architecture implemented with the Google-backed open source Go programming language. Networking topics such as data serialization, application level protocols, character sets and encodings are discussed and demonstrated in Go. This book has been updated to the Go version 1.18 which includes modules, generics, and fuzzing along with updated and additional examples.Beyond the f...

Price:  $49.99  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2022

Programming Phoenix LiveView

Programming Phoenix LiveView

by Bruce A. Tate, Sophie DeBenedetto

The days of the traditional request-response web application are long gone, but you don't have to wade through oceans of JavaScript to build the interactive applications today's users crave. The innovative Phoenix LiveView library empowers you to build applications that are fast and highly interactive, without sacrificing reliability. This definitive guide to LiveView isn't a reference manual...

Price:  $49.95  |  Publisher:  The Pragmatic Programmers  |  Release:  2022

Learn Java 17 Programming, 2nd Edition

Learn Java 17 Programming, 2nd Edition

by Nick Samoylov

Java is one of the most preferred languages among developers. It is used in everything right from smartphones and game consoles to even supercomputers, and its new features simply add to the richness of the language.This book on Java programming begins by helping you learn how to install the Java Development Kit. You'll then focus on understanding object-oriented programming (OOP), with exclusive insig...

Price:  $28.99  |  Publisher:  Packt Publishing  |  Release:  2022

Beej's Guide to C Programming

FREE EBOOK - Beej's Guide to C Programming

by Brian Hall

This is an intro to C for folks who already know how to program in another language. The first half of the book is written in a tutorial style, while the second half is a reference section complete with examples (inspired by the incomparable Turbo C Bible). The goal is to keep this up-to-date with the latest C standards.This guide assumes that you've already got some programming knowledge under your be...

Publisher:  Self-publishing  |  Release:  2022

Programming ML.NET

Programming ML.NET

by Dino Esposito, Francesco Esposito

ML.NET brings the power of machine learning to all .NET developers and Programming ML.NET helps you apply it in real production solutions. Modeled on Dino Espositos best-selling Programming ASP.NET, this book takes the same scenario-based approach Microsofts team used to build ML.NET itself. After a foundational overview of ML.NETs libraries, the authors illuminate mini-frameworks (ML Tasks) for regression,...

Price:  $34.56  |  Publisher:  Microsoft Press  |  Release:  2022

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