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Web Development with Clojure, 3rd Edition

Web Development with Clojure, 3rd Edition

by Dmitri Sotnikov, Scot Brown

Today, developers are increasingly adopting Clojure as a web-development platform. See for yourself what makes Clojure so desirable, as you create a series of web apps of growing complexity, exploring the full process of web development using a modern functional language. This fully updated third edition reveals the changes in the rapidly evolving Clojure ecosystem and provides a practical, complete walkthr...

Price:  $47.95  |  Publisher:  The Pragmatic Programmers  |  Release:  2021

Pro ASP.NET Core 3, 8th Edition

Pro ASP.NET Core 3, 8th Edition

by Adam Freeman

Now in its 8th edition, Pro ASP.NET Core has been thoroughly updated for ASP.NET Core 3. This comprehensive, full-color guide is the only book you need to learn ASP.NET Core development!Professional developers get ready to produce leaner applications for the ASP.NET Core platform. This edition puts ASP.NET Core 3 into context, and takes a deep dive into the tools and techniques required to build modern, ext...

Price:  $34.63  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam, 2nd Edition

Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam, 2nd Edition

by Iuliana Cosmina

Pass the Pivotal Certified Professional exam for Core Spring, based on the latest Spring Framework 5, using source code examples, study summaries, and mock exams. This book now includes WebFlux, reactive programming, and more found in Spring 5. You'll find a descriptive overview of certification-related Spring modules and a single example application demonstrating the use of all required Spring modules. Fur...

Price:  $39.99  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

Building Web Applications with .NET Core 2.1 and JavaScript, 2nd edition

Building Web Applications with .NET Core 2.1 and JavaScript, 2nd edition

by Philip Japikse, Kevin Grossnicklaus, Ben Dewey

Roll up your sleeves and jump into building web applications using .NET Core 2.1 and the most popular JavaScript frameworks.You will start by building a data access layer using Entity Framework Core, a RESTful service using ASP.NET Core, and then you will build a web application following the MVC pattern, also using ASP.NET Core. The resulting application is an example e-commerce site using the most appropr...

Price:  $37.70  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2020

ASP.NET Core 3.1 Succinctly

FREE EBOOK - ASP.NET Core 3.1 Succinctly

by Simone Chiaretta, Ugo Lattanzi

ASP.NET Core 3.1 Succinctly specifically covers the web development part of the ASP.NET Core framework, which has gone through some improvements since it was first released. In this updated e-book, Simone Chiaretta Ugo Lattanzi guide readers through the foundations of the library, cover its basic features, and cover the new version of the web application frameworks ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Blazor. At its e...

Publisher:  Syncfusion  |  Release:  2020

Beginning Database Programming Using ASP.NET Core 3

Beginning Database Programming Using ASP.NET Core 3

by Bipin Joshi

Hit the ground running with this book to quickly learn the fundamentals of HTML form processing, user authentication, and database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations using the ASP.NET Core family of technologies. You will utilize cutting-edge and popular technology options from both the server side and client side to help you achieve your web application goals as quickly as possible.Develope...

Price:  $26.90  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2019

Learning Ruby on Rails

FREE EBOOK - Learning Ruby on Rails

by Stack Overflow Community

Ruby on Rails (RoR), or Rails, is an open-source popular web application framework. Rails uses Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a web application that runs on a web server. Rails uses the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern and provides a fullstack of libraries from the database all the way to the view.It is an unofficial and free Ruby on Rails book created for educational purposes. All the content...

Publisher:  Self-publishing  |  Release:  2019

Understanding Game Application Development

Understanding Game Application Development

by Vincent Maverick S. Durano

Learn to build a simple data-driven mobile game application using the power of Xamarin.Forms, ASP.NET, the Web API, and SignalR with this short book. In it you will build a cross-platform mobile application that targets both iOS and Android, connect your app with your database using Entity Framework, and implement real-time syncing functionality using SignalR.Understanding Game Application Development start...

Price:  $26.24  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2019

Pro MERN Stack, 2nd Edition

Pro MERN Stack, 2nd Edition

by Vasan Subramanian

Assemble the complete stack required to build a modern web app using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. This book also covers many other complementary tools: React Router, GraphQL, React-Bootstrap, Babel, and Webpack. This new edition will use the latest version of React (React 16) and the latest React Router (React Router 4), which has a significantly different approach to routing compared to React Router ...

Price:  $31.29  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2019

Python, PyGame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development

Python, PyGame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development

by Sloan Kelly

Expand your basic knowledge of Python and use PyGame to create fast-paced video games with great graphics and sounds. This second edition shows how you can integrate electronic components with your games using the build-in general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins and some Python code to create two new games. You'll learn about object-oriented programming (OOP) as well as design patterns, such as model-view-...

Price:  $25.33  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2019

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