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Beginning Python

Beginning Python

by Magnus Lie Hetland

Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional is the most comprehensive book on the Python ever written. Based on Practical Python, this newly-revised book is both an introduction and practical reference for a swath of Python-related programming topics, including addressing language internals, database integration, network programming, and web services. Advanced topics, such as extending Python and packagin...

Price:  $4.55  |  Publisher:  Apress  |  Release:  2005

Making Use of Python

Making Use of Python

by Rashi Gupta

Python is a multipurpose development language that can be used on virtually every platform. It offers built-in support for critical development steps including data structures, dynamic typing, and dynamic building. It can be used in lieu of Java or C++, and Python scripts can be developed in a fraction of the time it takes to program and debug higher-level languages.Covers language basics and how to use Pyt...

Price:  $37.23  |  Publisher:  Wiley  |  Release:  2002

Python & XML

Python & XML

by Christopher A. Jones, Fred L. Drake Jr

If you are a Python programmer who wants to incorporate XML into your skill set, this is the book for you. Python has attracted a wide variety of developers, who use it either as glue to connect critical programming tasks together, or as a complete cross-platform application development language. Yet, because it is object-oriented and has powerful text manipulation abilities, Python is an ideal language for...

Price:  $24.51  |  Publisher:  O'Reilly Media  |  Release:  2001

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